The Community Health Center of Central Missouri is committed to providing each patient and their family with an outstanding experience, and to ensuring the highest quality of healthcare for the community. We will be accountable for and take pride in our actions, while maintaining a patient-centered focus. We will also treat our patients with the highest regard while honoring and valuing their requests and decisions. We are understanding, empathetic, and compassionate in our ability to meet the needs of our patients. We all work with our patients in a reliable and dedicated fashion towards a common purpose.

Any actual or perceived quality of care or patient right issues should be reported to Management or the Compliance Officer.

We are dedicated to protecting the privacy  of our patients by preserving the confidentiality and security of individually identifiable health information, whether or not such information is maintained electronically, in writing, is spoke or in any other medium. Any actual or perceived violation of patient privacy, patient confidentiality or security should be reported to Management or the Compliance Officer.

We conduct our business activities and patient care operations in full compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

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